Dick Hyman

1927 -

Dick Hyman at the piano
New York pianist Dick Hyman has excelled in various musical styles throughout his prolific career. He began his career in the 1940s, playing with renowned jazz orchestras, including Benny Goodman's. Over the decades, he has collaborated with a multitude of acclaimed artists such as Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, and has participated in countless studio recordings, concerts, and tours worldwide. In addition to his work as a performer, Hyman has also distinguished himself as a composer and arranger. He has contributed to numerous film soundtracks, notably for Woody Allen's films. Dick Hyman has recorded numerous solo albums as well as collaborations with other artists, showcasing his versatility and mastery of various jazz styles.

Despite his exploration of different styles, Hyman is often associated with stride piano due to his great technique and deep understanding of the genre. He has recorded duets with leading specialists in this style such as Ralph Sutton, Dick Wellstood, Louis Mazetier . A highly versatile musician with virtuosic technique, he is now one of the foremost representatives of jazz piano in all its forms.

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